Victory for Pepe López and Borja Rozada with Hyundai in Pozoblanco

Victory for Pepe López and Borja Rozada with Hyundai in Pozoblanco

Pepe López and Borja Rozada have managed to take victory in the Pozoblanco Rally, the third round of the Spanish Rally Superchampionship (SCER). Despite being the first time for the driver from Madrid in this gravel event, he has been able to demonstrate his talent at the controls of the Hyundai i20 N Rally2.

On Saturday, they showed their superiority by achieving a total of five scratches, including the TC Plus. This allowed them to consolidate their lead in the Cordoba event and win the ninth edition of this rally with a time of 58:47.3.

In this way, Pepe López and Borja Rozada are in the lead of the championship, more than 30 points ahead of the second classified. The next round, the Rally of Orense, will take place on 17 and 18 June.


  1. Pepe López/Borja Rozada (Hyundai i20 N Rally2) – 58:47.3
  2. José Antonio Suárez/Alberto Iglesias (Skoda Fabia Rally2 Evo) – a 24,6
  3. Alejandro Cachón/Ángel Luis Vela (Citroën C3 Rally2) – a 55,3


  1. Pepe López, 102 puntos
  2. Surhayen Pernía, 71 puntos
  3. Iván Ares, 65 puntos

Pepe López (pilot): “Very happy with the victory in Pozoblanco, our first win on gravel with the Hyundai. Both Teo Martín Motorsport and Hyundai have done a perfect job so that Borja and I could get the win for everyone. Now we are very confident for the rest of the year, we know that we have big goals ahead of us and we hope to meet the expectations of all the people who support us.”

Borja Rozada (copilot): “Very happy with another result like this in Andalusia, which allows us to put us first in the championship, dominating the rally, because from the first to the last stage we were first. We are looking forward to returning to the asphalt as we have won the Orense Rally twice and we have very good memories of it. We hope to make good tests with the car the week before the rally and continue to dominate.”
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