MSi eSports, champion of the Virtual Team League

MSi eSports, champion of the Virtual Team League

MSi eSports has been crowned champion of the Virtual Team League at Daytona after a brilliant season in which they dominated their rivals.

In fact, the team won the title with two more podiums in the last race, winning in the GTE category and taking the second step of the podium in LMP2, with Gabi Montoro and Cristian Lamela at the wheel, respectively.

Of the four editions held, MSi eSports has won the final victory on three occasions and closes this year’s edition with 150 points ahead of the second place, which highlights the superiority of the team in this championship.

SimSeries LVE 2022 1st Division Standings

Team Score
MSi eSports 492 points
Aurys Racing 342 points
Obsidian Racing 341 points
Arnage Competition 292 points
ZENNITH eSports 289 points

Cristian Lamela (simracer): “We had a big gap to our pursuers in the overall standings, so we just needed a clean, mistake-free race. The key was the traffic management with the lapped cars, which allowed me to escape from the pack and reach the finish line in a comfortable second place. I am very happy with the work done by the team throughout the season.”

Gabi Montoro (simracer): “Very happy to have been able to win. It is a race where you always drive in a group to save as much fuel as possible and take as little time as possible in the pits, but when the LMP2s started to turn, I was able to take the lead, I took advantage to get away and I kept a good pace until I was able to get the victory. It is worth mentioning the work done throughout the championship and thank the whole team for the support that makes these positive results possible.”
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